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Here at Varna Buildings we work hard to provide everyone with the product best suited to them and we understand the unique needs of each client. With this in mind, we are happy to manufacture bespoke shelters just for you. 

Door Type - For Front & Rear Tent Panels

- The door for the entry panel can be customised to feature a Winch Door or a Roll-Up Door.


- Ventilation points can be customised per requirement, to either add or remove windows with specific sizes and patterns.

- Ventilation windows or sunlight patches can be added at the top of each end panel as desired 



- Whilst there is an option for all colour customisations, the standard colours are

White, Grass Green, Military Green, Light Grey, Dark Grey, and Red.


Additional Features

- Other customisable features include 

- Tent Size

- Arch Space

- Thickness of Tubes.


Butterfly Bolts & Connectors

- The C2620 and C2640 Container Shelters can be customised with butterfly bolts and connectors.


Spare parts and Replacements 

- We have a large spare parts inventory and offer a 5-year spare parts availability guarantee for all our products.

- To make an inquiry into spare parts or replacement pieces* in the rare case of receiving a defect product* please get in touch via our email



*All customisations of tents/shelters are undertaken at an additional cost and longer delivery time (90 days from the day of clear payment).


*Customisation requests for toilets and shower cubicles will be accepted shortly. Heaters can be included in the cabins.


*We regret not being able to accept customisation requests for our container cabins and shipping containers.


*Terms & Conditions Apply*

Delivered within 48 hours*

*Subject to stock availability at the time of purchase.