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container Canopy shelter

Container Canopies

At Varna Buildings we provide commercial-sized covers, such as warehousing, storage, and rain cover solutions for all environments and settings. With such a wide collection of covers we can keep even the largest of deliveries safe and dry.

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The right cover for your containers

Our collection of container canopies are designed to suit and adapt to any outdoor space, with steel frames and durable canopies which can be mounted atop a container base, on the top of brick walls, or directly on the ground as per your need. What this means is that a standard canopy can be fixed at any height, presenting a versatile solution that can be adapted to house multiple stacked containers or a single level as required.

Why you might need a container canopy

The number one benefit of container storage tents is that they are vast in size and offer a versatile solution to outdoor storage, enabling you to cover anything from containers to vehicles and unloaded goods. Expanding the usability of your outside space, container canopies are not exclusive in their usage and instead provide clients with an open and secure space that can be used to protect anything from livestock to vehicles, manufactured goods, to equipment and sealed containers.

In addition to the versatility of the inside space, our container canopies can be customised and tailored to your specific needs with added doors and both front and rear entry points depending on the location of your site and your accessibility needs.

What makes Varna Buildings’ container canopies the best?

Aside from the affordable and efficient services that we provide in terms of pairing clients with the right solution for them and ensuring installation is quick and effective, the material structure and stability of our container shelters means that they are among the best in the UK.

All our container canopy shelters are constructed using steel frames and extra-strength durable PVC canopy fabric, for a flexible and affordable but high-quality finish. This means that clients choose and use our container canopy solutions everywhere from active working farms to manufacturing plants, delivery hubs, commercial buildings, and private spaces.

To explore the different ways that existing clients use our container canopies, or to discuss your own project needs and both the short term and long term hire of our storage solutions, get in touch with the Varna Buildings team today.


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