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Temporary Warehouse Buildings

Temporary Warehouse Buildings

Clients often come to us looking for temporary warehousing solutions or a quick-fix structure which offers both a versatile and accessible space. So, we point them towards our temporary warehouse buildings page.

And here’s why.

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A temporary warehouse building offers all the security of a full building structure, whilst giving you the flexibility to move and relocate when required. For growing businesses, this allows your warehouse to expand as you do, as we offer a wide range of buildings in a variety of sizes. Similarly, if you are planning to move your business premises to somewhere bigger, you can keep your stock contained and secure without interrupting service – using temporary storage until you are ready to transition to a more permanent space.

In addition to this, our warehouse buildings are constructed from the highest grade steel frames and from premium insulated steel sheets – whether you opt for the canopy covered temporary storage tends or the fixed steel buildings. Both options offer equally high standard waterproofing and can be fitted with your choice of interior shelving and storage solutions as required.

And then we come to the interior, which can be built and fitted as per your requirements and business needs. Often clients who use our temporary warehouse storage solutions bring full containers into the building – benefitting from the large doorways which allow for lorries and oversized loads to be moved into the storage facility with ease.

Who needs a Varna temporary warehouse building?

With clients across all industries and sectors, from small start-ups and local producers to larger corporations and organisations, there is a real and growing demand for temporary storage across Essex and beyond.

Not only do our temporary warehousing buildings offer a cost effective and versatile solution, but they guarantee optimum efficiency with insulating, secure structures, and a vast open inside space which can be adapted to meet your needs.

Our warehouse structures are also available in a range of sizes and finishes, with our team being able to match your needs and your budget finding the perfect building solution for you. Clients are advised to note that the cost of your structure will depend on how long you require it, and that delivery can be confirmed as soon as within 48 hours if preferred.

Browse the full collection of temporary warehouse structures on our website, via the Products page. Or contact us for any tailored advice!


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